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Give the Gift of Massage

Any time, give those you care for a healing gift of relaxation.

Gift certificates for a 1 Hour Relaxation Massage are $86.40 (includes $6.40 OH sales tax).

Caught up in the stressful pace of everyday life, we often neglect a critical step we need to thrive - taking care of ourselves. Imagine what could be if we just took time to nurture ourselves, to be cared for - or just to be. Relaxation can be the difference between a world of challenges and a world of possibilities.

Come, pass through our gates. Allow yourself the gifts massage therapy offers. Enjoy the balance our licensed massage therapists can bring to your life. Leave with a relaxed body, a quieter mind, and a sense of being known without being judged.

What is your dream of peace?

Welcome to Three Gates Cleveland Heights

Three private locations, all in the Heights. Please email for further details: